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Dental cleaning

A dental cleaning is the removal of plaque from teeth as a preventative measure. Our cleanings include a comprehensive consultation that outlines the individual patients problems, a treatment plan in the event of follow up visits and a specified daily regimen tailor made to the patients specific needs.

Tooth Whitening

Our whitening procedures are mostly in-office, this allows us to minimise the likelihood of sensitivity. The products that we use for whitening are not only effective, but also contain agents that strengthen the tooth from inside out.

Restoring your smile

Our capable team perform aesthetic dental fillings. Our fillings prevent the progression of dental decay on back and front teeth, and restore your teeth to their original function and beauty.

Smile makeovers

We pride ourselves in giving you back your perfect smile. Using a combination of techniques including veneering; crowns, bridges and dentures we are able to offer affordable smiles. 

Polishing & Stain Removal 

Stain removal consists of the removal of superficial stains from the surface of the enamel with the use of an ultrasonic scaler and a motor polisher. For those patients who are in need we use a whitening/brightening polishing paste.

Sensitive Treatments

Hope smiles dental offers treatments to relieve sensitive teeth, so that you may painlessly enjoy your favourite ice-cream.

Children's Hygiene

Our kind and patient staff enjoy attending to children. We ensure your child has had an enjoyable experience, whatever the treatment may be. 

Dental Extractions

The most care is taken before, during and after a dental extraction to ensure that you or your loved one has a positive experience involving the least amount of pain. We ensure that you have all the information post- operatively to make your healing painless and quick.

Our Team


Mr. Tevin Bailey

Dental Receptionist

Warm and welcoming is the best way to describe Tevin, Besides being an avid football fan and a pit bull enthusiast, Tevin had previously trained as a barman and as the cliché goes - he is easy to talk to, Tevin will always try his best to fit you in, and make sure that you have found a convenient time to have your treatment.


Miss Kaylen Page

Dental Assistant 

Yulisha Naidoo Pather

Kaylen is the perfect distraction for anyone who is scared of needles. Her kind smile, friendliness and supportive nature ensures that you feel comfortable and calm during your dental appointment. Kaylen takes special care to make certain that even our smallest of patients is happy when leaving. 


At Hope Smiles Dental we maintain a high quality of care, we encourage patient autonomy and we believe that education is the best way to ensure that you receive the best solution for your oral health needs.

I have been qualified as a dental therapist for more than 10 years, during that time I have worked for dental practices all around South Africa. I have experience in orthodontics, fibredontology and aesthetic composite restorations. My experience and passion for dentistry shows in my work, I believe that dentistry is the intersection where art and science meet.  

I am empathetic, approachable and as a mum of three, extremely patient. Our patient base varies from dental enthusiasts to those with phobias, children as little as 2 years of age, elderly folks and patients with special needs. We love meeting new patients and our regulars become old friends. so i hope to meet you soon!


PGdip Health Economics (UCT)


Dentist Tools
Dental Equipment

Shivanie Sudu

Pleasant experience for sure, professional service, very high standards in terms of hygiene. Made me feel comfortable through entire process. I will highly recommended Hope Smiles Dental. Location also felt safe, conveniently located in small shopping complex with easy access.



Our mission is to provide affordable, comprehensive and painless dental care to all South Africans with the use of the best in dental technology.